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Our mission is to provide consumers a superior fuel product to gasoline that's environmentally-friendly, inexpensive, and accessible to everyone.

E-Fuel was founded in 2007 by entrepreneur Tom Quinn and ethanol scientist Floyd Butterfield to create the world's first home ethanol product for people who want to break their dependency on oil. E-Fuel has created a business model and product design that makes home ethanol access practical and cost competitive against gasoline. To achieve this, E-Fuel focused on three goals:

  • Removing the costly oil infrastructure from the process of producing and delivering ethanol
  • Use of carbon credits to reduce pricing of ethanol feedstock
  • Stimulate ethanol demand through low cost of ethanol fuel (under $1 per gallon)

For more information please download the E-Fuel Product Information Brochure (PDF).


Thomas Quinn, President and CEO

Thomas Quinn has over thirty years of leadership experience in the high-tech sector. Mr. Quinn has built four successful start-up companies, the most recent being Gyration, Inc., the patent holder of the Nintendo Wii controller.

At Gyration, where Mr. Quinn served as president and CEO, he raised $40 million in equity financing and in 2004 sold the company to Thomson, Inc. Prior to Gyration, Mr. Quinn founded Samsung Information Systems America (SISA), a servicer of memory storage products in San Jose, CA, which he grew to $200 million in revenues. Prior to SISA, Mr. Quinn was President of Novell, Inc., the country's first local network company. While at Novell, Mr. Quinn helped grow revenues to over a billion dollars and achieved a 60% profit margin. Prior to Novell, Mr. Quinn helped develop the industry's first micro processor interface hard disk drive at Seagate (Shugart Associates).

Mr. Quinn has multiple patents in the areas of inertia gyro and human motion translation. Mr. Quinn attended De Anza College.

Floyd Butterfield, VP, Biofuels

Floyd S. Butterfield has over twenty-five years of experience in the biofuels industry. Mr. Butterfield serves as Director of Engineering and Manufacturing and is a Board member for Diversified Ethanol in Eagle Grove, Iowa, a small public ethanol manufacturer capable of producing 0.5 to 4 million gallons per year with multiple plants.

Prior to his tenure at Diversified Ethanol, Mr. Butterfield founded FSB Energy, a provider of design, construction and operational consulting services to the biofuel and geothermal industries. Mr. Butterfield also founded and served as COO of Curbside Container Company, where he developed six patents related to recycling containers. He also served as CEO of FSB Farming, a grower of carrots and tomatoes for large packing operations. Mr. Butterfield also designed and built a small fuel alcohol plant which won the California Fuel Alcohol Plant Design Competition sponsored by the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

Mr. Butterfield holds a B. A. in Geophysics from Occidental College and attended the Colorado School of Mines Geophysics Masters Program.

Bruce Padula, VP, Sales and Marketing

Bruce Padula has over twenty years of technology sector sales and marketing experience. Most recently Mr. Padula was Senior VP of Sales for Gyration where he marketed and sold end-user products in the consumer electronics industry and remote control products in the professional presentation and education markets.

Prior to joining Gyration, Mr. Padula held various senior management positions including Vice President of Sales for Samsung, Vice President of Field Marketing for Novell, and Vice President of Sales for Santa Clara Systems. Mr. Padula possesses a proven track record of building successful organizations and instilling a focus on quality, service, and support.

Mr. Padula holds a B.A. in Computer Science and Psychology from Colgate University.

Dennis Whittler, VP Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Dennis Whittler has over 25 years experience in senior financial positions primarily with high technology companies, including Chief Financial Officer for public companies listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ. Most recently Mr. Whittler was CFO for Vycon, Inc. a manufacturer of clean energy flywheel storage products.

Prior to joining Vycon, Mr. Whittler held various senior management positions including Chief Financial Officer for Gyration a manufacturer of computer peripheral products, ICS Advent a manufacturer of rack mount computers, Proxima Corporation a manufacturer of data-video projectors and Topaz Inc. a manufacturer of various electrical power products. In addition, Mr. Whittler has significant experience in international manufacturing, strategic planning, operations, and mergers and acquisitions.

Mr. Whittler holds a B.S. in Accounting from San Diego State University.

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