The E-Fuel carbon credit program is planned for the latter part of 2010.

E-Fuel Carbon Credit Program

Each gallon of ethanol produced in E-Fuel Microfuelers replaces a gallon of gasoline or diesel fuel, thus reducing carbon emissions. Ethanol reduces C02 emissions by about 85% when used in vehicles in place of gasoline. A carbon credit is created with each gallon of ethanol pumped from the MicroFueler. Every dollar earned from these carbon credits will go directly to E-Fuel's Carbon Credit Fund.

The Carbon Credit Fund will be distributed to E-Fuel customers in the form of Carbon Credit Coupons in order to help keep the price of E-Fuel100 ethanol low. These coupons will discount the fuel produced in the customer's MicroFueler, thus rewarding E-Fuel customers for reducing their carbon footprint. E-Fuel distributors will hand out carbon credit coupons to the customers in their territory. Distributors may also choose to exchange coupons for organic waste used to create E-Fuel100 ethanol. Those who are interested in obtaining carbon credit coupons or providing organic waste should contact their local E-Fuel distributor.

E-Fuel will also be looking for sponsorship of the Carbon Credit Fund. Any individual or company that wishes to reduce their carbon footprint should consider contributing to E-Fuel's Carbon Credit Fund because every dollar contributed will go directly to reducing carbon emissions locally. E-Fuel will also work with companies that wish to contribute to the fund through promotions. Damage caused by fossil fuels has been widely publicized and spreading environmental awareness is a good form of advertising for any company. E-Fuel's Carbon Credit Fund allows companies to spread environmental awareness while reducing carbon emissions in their own community.

The Carbon Credit Program is planned to launch in Q1 2010.

Please email David Barden, Manager of the Carbon Credit Program, with any questions about the program, how to obtain coupons, or if you are interested in sponsoring E-Fuel's Carbon Credit Fund.

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