Depending upon your particular circumstances, E-Fuel has different scenarios to offer with regard to purchase and support of the MicroFueler. Please review the information below and click on the appropriate category. Once you click you will be asked to give relevant information so that a representative of E-Fuel may contact you within 48 business hours to review your options.

  • (1)  Self-sufficient user: Such a customer is one who has their own source for organic fuel (waste feedstock) or does not require an organic fuel supply service by one of our distributors. Such a customer is typically self supporting (i.e. a brewery, farmer, educational institution, etc.) and requires minimal support from E-Fuel. In such cases, E-Fuel offers our "Ethanol Producer Service Kit" for a one time cost of $40,000 which includes a MicroFueler (MFC200-001), Fermentation Tank (OFT200-001) and 5 days of expert on-site training (travel and expenses additional). The training is tailored to your specific feedstock processing needs and production targets. Click here if this is your situation.
  • (2)  Full support user: In this scenario, a typical user would require turnkey service from our distributor. Accordingly, the distributor would maintain all aspects of the MicroFueler from maintenance and repair services, to replenishment of organic fuel. In order for such a user to obtain this level of service it requires an E-Fuel Authorized Distributor to be in place for the user location. Click here if this is your situation.
  • (3)  International customers: Sales outside the United States are handled within the respective country by the E-Fuel Authorized Distributor. Click here if this is your situation.

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