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  • Established sales and service organization, or in the case of a new startup possess a detailed business plan, committed financial resources and key personnel

  • Knowledge of ethanol fuel and Flex Fuel vehicles, and automobile industry experience desired

  • Commit to a sales plan appropriate to the territory for which you wish to be considered with corresponding revenue goals and inventory

  • Minimum opening order and investment in inventory appropriate for the territory

  • Demonstrated commitment to the growth and success in the territory

  • Product installation services, warranty and technical support, organic fuel processing and delivery

  • Executed distributor contract

Thank you for your interest
in becoming an Authorized

E-Fuel is on the forefront of a paradigm shift driven by the ever increasing cost of traditional gasoline and the desire on the part of consumers to take control of their energy future. E-Fuel has developed the world's first portable ethanol refinery, the MicroFueler, which makes this all possible. As an Authorized Distributor for E-Fuel products, you will be on the forefront of this change and will reap the financial benefits.

E-Fuel Corporation is engaged in an aggressive marketing campaign to drive the awareness of E-Fuel products and generate leads for our Distributors. We will also provide before and after sales support, product and service training, tradeshow support, and other assistance as may be needed and appropriate.

E-Fuel has two distributor classifications: (1) Exclusive Authorized Distributor, and (2) Non-exclusive Authorized Distributor.

(1) Exclusive Authorized Distributor - such a distributor has purchased the exclusive distribution rights to a defined territory which could be as small as a county or as large as an entire country or even multiple countries. In order to become an exclusive distributor, you must have a demonstrated capacity to execute a territory business plan, including adequate capital resources, and you must also pay a territory fee which is based upon the territory population and median household income (in the case of international markets purchase power parity is used in lieu of median household income). The cost for exclusive territories typically ranges from $100,000 to multiple millions. Click here for a copy of our Authorized Exclusive Distributor contract form.

(2) Non-exclusive Authorized Distributor - similar to the exclusive distributor, the non-exclusive distributor has a defined territory but is not guaranteed exclusive position in the territory. Furthermore, in the absence of an exclusive distributor for all or parts of the territory covered by the non-exclusive distributor, the purchasing relationship shall be direct with E-Fuel. If and when an exclusive distributor purchases all or part of the non-exclusive distributor territory, purchasing of products destined for those parts of the territory owned by the exclusive distributor shall be funneled through and controlled by the exclusive distributor. In such cases, the non-exclusive distributor essentially acts as a dealer for and in concert with the exclusive distributor. Click here for a copy of our Authorized Non-Exclusive Distributor contract form.

To apply to be an Authorized Distributor, please email sales@efuel100.com

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