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2012 continues to evolve as the organic fuel era...

The final production model of the revolutionary MicroFueler was unveiled to the world by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in Sacramento, CA. (See the official press release and the Governor's comments.) The enhanced MicroFueler builds upon the original MicroFueler announced in New York in March of 2008. Enhancements include substantial reductions in size (60%) and weight (80%), and 24x7 user accessible monitoring via the Internet. The MicroFueler now "phones home" whenever it needs attention for service by the dealer or ready-to-report status when desired by the owner. The introduction of the worldwide E-Fuel Global Network makes all this possible and more. And now the MicroFueler supports a variety of organic fuel (waste) as feedstock to produce the E-Fuel100 ethanol. Substances rich in sugar, fermentable material, alcohol or even algae may be suitable for ethanol conversion. Under the new E-Fuel model, consumers will simply pay for the ethanol they pump and have no concern for obtaining and replenishing the organic fuel (waste) which is processed into ethanol. Servicing dealers will respond to status messages from the MicroFueler and replenish the organic fuel as need to insure constant availability of E-Fuel100 ethanol at the pump.

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Fill up your car's gas tank with fuel you made at home from food scraps, old newspaper and the remains of last night's Cabernet. Read more...


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